What is Bio Fue Hair Transplant?

For some years. new technologies and type of hair transplant appear, and with each new type, there is a change in the result or in the degree of pain for the patient

As before, hair transplant techniques were painful and took a long time to heal.

But thanks to new hair transplant technologies in recent years, patients feel no pain and healing takes a few days.

Hair transplant clinics now use FUE and DHI as the modern types of hair transplant which gives the best and most natural results and also takes a short healing time.

For FUE, there are quite a few categories, such as La FUE Sapphire and the new, most modern version: BIO FUE.

we can say that BIO FUE hair transplant aims to improve the FUE technique by achieving better and natural hair transplant results.

By the way, there is not a big difference between  the normal FUE and  the BIO FUE, there are just small modifications on the normal FUE  technique to have a faster healing to the implanted area and to improve the strength of the treated hair texture.

What makes Bio FUE Hair Transplant more improved than normal FUE Hair Transplant is that the treatment does not leave any linear scars on the hair leather where the grafts were extracted.

and this treatment rejuvenates the dead follicles in a permanent way which results in a good result and a better density.

What is the procedure of the BIO FUE hair transplant and the difference between the both techniques  ?


What differs between the two techniques is that in bio FUE hair transplantation, the surgeon takes a quantity of blood from the patient’s body to store it in a machine which aims to separate the infused regenerative cell from the blood so that two layers of blood is built up, one layer which contains blood from the regenerative cell and the other layer which contains blood from the removed regenerative cell

After extracting blood from the donor area, the surgeon injects it into the graft or bald site to enhance its effectiveness.

So this method leads to scarring and a faster healing.


the advantages of the BIO fue hair transplant method


-Improve regrowth of implanted grafts

-Stimulate hair growth in areas that are at risk of hair loss

-Stimulate the hair stem cells that are implanted

-it is a method whose result is certain and secure

-Healing time is faster comparing with other methods

– this method leaves no scars after the operation


There is not a big difference between the BIO fue hair transplant and the normal fue

all the steps of the operations in the two methods are the same, except the injection of the blood which we have talked about

this method therefore takes the same duration as the normal FUE hair transplant.


After doing this method, the patient has to follow a lot of instructions given by the doctor.

first, the patient must not stay under the sun, must always keep his umbrella with him if he goes out, the sun’s rays make the treatment less effective and can create complications

so after the operation, the patient must avoid exposure to the sun for 6 weeks after the operation

There is also a risk of allergic reactions, always be careful and share every little detail with your doctor to avoid any problems afterwards.

After undergoing the BIO fue technique, the patient must follow a well-balanced diet for a good result.

avoiding anything too salty and drinking enough water for the first 10 days is very important

No physical activity the first month, no sweating or the feeling of fatigue

the patient should be careful and take a rest a lot as he can

It is also necessary that the patient takes his medication in the time specified by the doctor and avoid consuming alcohol and coffee in the duration of use of the medication.

it is well advised not to consume alcohol two weeks after the hair transplant operation.


The BIO FUE hair transplant method is a well-improved method that has several functions

This method gives a very good density and volume to the hair

She faces the problem of hair fall

in addition, Bio FUE repairs hair that is damaged by the sun and chemicals

It also strengthens the quality of hair by giving shine, good volume and density.

It also speeds up the healing process, healing with this method is the fastest healing compared to other methods


In the BIO FUE hair transplant method, the grafts are stored in biostimulation growth factors or in other words PRP

These factors help the donor area heal faster and accelerate hair regrowth and also increase hair loss.

The clinic of Doctor Olcay Saygin Zen Hair is a clinic that always ensures the results of its patients with modern methods and the best.


During this method we follow three steps


-The first step is to transplant the regenerative cells into the donor area using the follicular unit extraction method for rapid healing, which ensures the rapid growth of the transplanted part

-The second step is exposing the hair follicles to a protein-rich solution in the lab to reduce damage that can occur to the hair follicles.

– The third step is the injection of enriched cells into the transplanted area.


Of course everyone is wondering if this operation has side effects

To avoid any side effects, our doctor Olcay Saygin asks the patient several questions before we start the procedure.

these questions are made by the surgeon and the doctor of anesthesia

before starting to specify a date for the operation

by the way, their health conditions must allow them to do the operation and not have side effects afterwards

Any kind of medication such as aspirin which accelerates the flow of blood, or drinking too much alcohol and especially before the two-week operation, this may obviously not allow the patient to do the operation

All this to avoid side effects during the operation and after

If the patient follows all the instructions and the doctor gives the agreement that he can do the operation, the side effect that remains is the swelling of the face which is not at all dangerous and which goes away after a few days.

Doctor Olcay Saygin Zenhair clinic cares about your health and your results , by following the modern techniques and following your health conditions , if you want to be in safe hands with our doctor that has more than 15 years of experience and her experienced team , contact us .

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