What is botox ?


Botox is a medical product widely used in the world in various medical fields. This drug is produced under the conditions of a special controlled laboratory. Botox has been given for about 30 years initially to treat the problems of strabismus and various movement disorders characterized by the hyperactivity of muscles: the using of botox lead to a massive improvement in the form of the expression lines on the face.

How does the treatment of Botox work?

Botox has an effect on the facial expression lines known as “facial wrinkles”. These wrinkles are formed over the years through expressions of the face that are repeated every day, such as: smiling, expressing anger or wonder, focus or thinking and so on.

All facial expressions are operated by the face muscles. When the Botox is injected into the muscle area, the muscle moves to a state of relaxation and prevents any sort of wrinkles from forming. Botox treatment relaxes the muscles and makes a temporary smoothing of the facial wrinkles thereby improving your appearance. Since botox treatment is given only by an injection, it is mostly done by a doctor preferably a plastic surgeon and it’s a very simple procedure.

Firstly, the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream to face area to be injected. After 15 minutes, the cream is removed and then very small quantities of Botox will be injected on the required place with a small needle. The whole process can take only a few minutes. There is no need for a recovery period and immediately after treatment one can return to normal activities. Botox is limited to the injected area and the substance is not transferred to other parts of the body.

What to expect from a Botox treatment?

Like any other esthetic operation, the success of the treatment also depends on the expectations of it. The results of the Botox treatment will begin to show after 3 or 4 day and full results can be noticed in a total of two weeks. After two weeks, one is adviced to go back to the doctor again for observation and check up to see if other repairs are needed. 

Just as Botox can erase wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles, it can also lift the eyebrows and upper eyelid by several millimeters or more. Botox is usually used for areas like : the forehead, between the eyebrows and the sides of the eyes, as well as other areas such as the neck, chin or upper lip.

Is Botox treatment safe?

Many clinical trials in the field of esthetics fully demonstrated the safety of Botox usage. Several scientific publications and findings have repeatedly confirmed the high safety of Botox injections. The vast experience with the use of Botox made it better than any other alternative. The appropriate dose after every few months has to be repeated by an experienced doctor in order to maintain the desired look. This procedure can go on for several years.

Who can not undergo the Botox treatment?

Despite the safe use and effectiveness of Botox, there are still people who are not recommended to undergo the treatment such as pregnant women, women who plan to conceive within six months of receiving treatment, nursing women, people with muscular and auto immune diseases. In addition, Botox treatment is designed for ages between 20 to 80, so people under the age of 20 or over the age of 80 are not recommended to receive this treatment. It is also advisable not to exercise for 48 hours after the Botox treatment.

Possible side effects of the Botox treatment.

Although there may be side effects just like any other medical treatment, it is important to mention that the chances of complications is very low and just about 1%. Possible side effects that can occur are:



3-Redness or bleeding rarely occurs at the injected area, but if it occurs, it will disappear within a few days.

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