Manuel sapphire Fue Technology (MSFT) Hair Transplant

Manual FUE hair transplant is the most modern way in FUE, which leaves no scars or pain after the operation.
The old FUE required to take the grafts with the skin of the donor area, which leaves a scar at the bottom of the head clearly visible and which leaves the healing time slower and more painful than the modern Manual FUE
Therefore, the main advantage in manual FUE hair transplantation is to remove the grafts with the least damage. THE doctor supervises this step and gives a plan to follow for the good extraction of the grafts, and to keep the grafts in good conditions before implanting them
Transplantation with the micro FUE
Micro FUE hair transplantation is a method performed by a specialized micro motor
The rotation and speed of the micro motor may change according to the doctors,
And this method is the most used in the whole world since it is the method that leaves no scars. We can say that this engine has other advantages, according to its speed, a large number of grafts can be extracted in a certain time, which reduces the sessions of the operation.
In Doctor Olcay Saygin’s ZEN Hair clinic, our doctor uses a micro motor with a depth of 0.44 mm with 10 revolutions per second, which reduces the risk of having scars, and helps to speed up healing, after this operation, he there will only be redness that will go away after two weeks of the operation.
Micro FUE Hair Transplant and Manual FUE
We can say that the methods are identical,
The manual is slower than the Micro FUE,
It can be said that the grafts removed manually can be in good health better than the grafts extruded by the micro motor, but we must also think that the rapid insertion of the grafts has an additional effect on the mental health and the quality of the grafts.

What is the advantage of micro FUE?

With the micro FUE,
– We can extract 3 times more grafts in a session than manual fue
– micro FUE hair transplantation is cheaper and painful during and after the operation
– Even if the healing in manual FUE is faster thanks to the number of external grafts which is less than in Micro FUE, but after healing the donor area is in good and healthier condition with Micro FUE

The advantages of manual FUE?

– Because fewer grafts will be implanted and removed, healing is faster than micro FUE Speaking of the manual FUE Sapphire technique, we can say that the only difference between this method and the normal FUE is in the opening of the channels.
In the opening of the canals, the doctor uses in the fue metal flat sheets, while the sapphire method uses a special pen which his head is made of sapphire precious stone.
So, in the extraction phase there is no difference between the methods, the difference is just in the opening of the channels which is done manually with special pens.
The advantage of FUE Sapphire is that the gemstone makes the process more precise.
the sapphire blades open the incision in 3D creating the small micro channels that close after 48 hours up to 72 hours, which makes healing faster The manual FUE Sapphire in Olcay Saygin ZenHair clinic : – extraction stage: after having made several analyzes and health tests, the patient puts himself in the face down position, with the presence of the doctor, doctor of anesthesia, a translator and assistants of the doctors, the team prepares to start the local anesthesia, just before, the anesthesia doctor gives the patient a strong painkiller in his veins, and just after waiting a few minutes for it to take effect the local anesthesia injections begin.
local anesthesia is done first in the donor area where the extraction of the grafts will be done
then just after, the team begins to inflate the skin to use the micro motor, with 0.44 depth and 10 rotations per second, to have a quick recovery afterwards. and then at the same time the extracted grafts are cleaned and put in a special product to keep them in good health
– Draw the line of the forehead, the doctor in this step draws the line which sees that it is the most convenient for the patient and takes the opinion of the patient if he has expectations
– the opening of the canals: and there to open the canals in the area of ​​calcivity, and with the same method, the doctor applies locan anesthesia and the patient changes position to lie on his back
the opening of the canals is done 100 percent by our doctor Olcay Saygin, the opening of the canals is a very sensitive and important step, it requires great experience and potential, so with the use of the sapphire pen, the doctor opens the canals. canals taking into consideration the grafts that are removed
– after this stage, the operation lasted more than 4 hours, the doctor therefore gives the patient a short break to eat and rest, in this time, the patient is accompanied by his translator to help him and answer all these questions
just after this lunch pose, the patient returns to the operating room for the last stage to begin, the implantation stage
This last ,stage can last 2 hours up to 4 hours.

But of course before all that, Doctor Olcay Saygin makes a consultation and specifies the number of grafts and the suitable technique for each patient before he comes to the operation.
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