Getting back to work: After a hair transplant

Many people feel shy from their appearance after a hair transplant surgery. Are you one of them? Or are you excited to show off the steps you are taking to treat your hair loss? One of the main questions patients ask during their hair loss consultation is when they can we get back to work?

Back to work after a hair transplantation can change from one patient to another, and it depends on the harvesting technique used. With FUT treatment method which the surgeon takes a strip from your donor area, if you are able to wear a hat to your job, then it’s a good way to hide the surgery scars away from your colleagues and you could return to work the next day. However, if you’re not able to wear a hat and you don’t want your co-workers knowing that you had a hair transplant, we recommend being off work 4-10 days, depending on your skin type and how fast your skin heals.

If you prefer FUE (follicular unit extraction) as a treatment method, the donor area will be shaved to easily extract the hair follicles one by one, the harvesting machine will only cause some tiny scars into the donor area. With this technique, post-operation visibility in the donor area is typically minimized around 5 to 10 days. The implanted area heals after 2 weeks also, regardless if you are having the FUE treatment method or the traditional hair transplant (FUT). Therefore, If you aren’t comfortable to use a hat to hide the scars from the donor and implanted zone after your hair transplant procedure, then we also recommend being off work for approximately 7 days.

For best results and faster recovery, follow our post-operation instructions and take advantage of coming into our clinic the day after surgery to have your hair washed by our trained nurses. We know how important it is for our patients to have a realistic timetable on when they can return to work. Our entire team will assist you with the proper expectations from the moment you come in for the consultation until your first day back at work after your hair transplant procedure.

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