DHI (unshaven hair transplant)

It is stated that the DHI technique is a method of the FUE technique performed with an implanter. Unlike FUE, the DHI technique can be explained as a method that is performed in the form of transplanting hair follicles from the donor area to the area to be transplanted with an implanter without opening the channel. The Implanter/Choi needle, which has a very thin, cylindrical, and sharp structure, is in the form of a channel and the hair is inserted into the needle by driving along this channel. in this method with a  Chol-implanter pen, the hair follicles are carefully placed in the pen one by one, and after the assistants perform this procedure, the hair follicles are given to the specialist doctor for transplantation.
The doctor also transplants the hair follicles at 40-45 degree angles, which will help in accordance with the direction of the previous hair look of the person and patients will completely look normal after the operation.
After determining the angle and direction of the hair follicles placed in the Choi needle, sowing is done with the pushing feature of the needle.



It reduces the time that the hair follicles stay out of the tissue and performs the transplantation in a healthier way.
Since the incision area will be less, the risk of bleeding is minimized.
With faster recovery after the operation, the person returns to his daily life in a short time.
In this technique, patients may have experience Hair transplant operations without shaving their heads.

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