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Smile Hair Technology for Hair Transplant ZenHair Clinic

Smile hair clinic, It is the clinic that will put a smile on your face according to its perfect and guaranteed results, Doctor Olcay Saygin ZenHair clinic, with her experience of more than 15 years, you can only go out with a smile on your face and the satisfaction of its VIP services and its experienced and smiling team who make sure you feel like you are at home and who do their best to reduce your stress.

Why doctor Olcay Saygin ZenHair clinic?

In Doctor Olcay Saygin’s clinic, with her luxurious clinic, she takes just two patients a day to be able to perform and do both surgeries .
The Doctor s team is well chosen according to their diplomas and their experience
Everything is well organized, from the transfer service to the translation service, everything is at the service of the patient and everything is organized under the direction of the manager with his experienced administrative team.
Our clinic gives a lifetime warranty certificate and follow up with the patient until the final result by asking for photos after the first wash, after removing the scabs, then the first month m the third time m the 6th, the 9th and after a year
the doctor prefers to follow the whole progress to do a consult in each period .
The patient’s health comes before all, the health monitoring begins before the patient comes to the clinic according to the instructions given by the doctor of anesthesia
The patient has to follow the instructions given vy the doctor and answer a lot of questions so that the doctor open his medical file and save all the necessary information about the patient
In case the patient takes medication or if the patient has allergies, we do with the follow-up before a period so that on the surgery day he will be ready for the suegery.
On the day of the surgery and in the presence of the anesthesia doctor, many tests are done to be sure that the patient is in good condition.
The clinic follows all the rules of hygiene and the team too.

What are the hair transplant techniques that are in our clinic?

The clinic of Doctor Olcay Saygin ZenHair uses different techniques, such as FUE, La Sapphire FUE, Nano FUE, DHI
The choice of technique does not always come down to the patient, in different cases, the patient can choose the technique he prefers, for example in the case where the patient does not have a large area of baldness, the patient has the right to choose between FUE with all its types and DHI
But in the case where the patient has a large area of baldness, and needs more than 4500 grafts, he will be forced to do FUE and not DHI
The doctor first asks for patient photos to make a consultation, to see first if he is able to do the hair transplant, in other words, if his donor area is able to give us grafts without damaging it and if his donor area can give us grafts, are these grafts enough to cover the baldness area, and after that what is the most suitable technique for him
in some cases, the doctor gives the patient a choice but gives him advice on the choice
and in other cases, the doctor forces the patient to do a certain technique because otherwise there will be no good result.


The different stages of the Hair transplant surgery In Doctor Olcay Saygin ZenHair clinic

After having done blood tests, allergies, check heartbeat and blood pressure, the second step is to shave the hair, if the patient is going to do the FUE method the hair shave is complete, unlike the patient who is going to do the DHI method, the shaving in this case is done in only one part of the head, it is the part from the neck to the ears, it depends on the amount of the grafts that he needs
after having shaved the hair the patient lies face down, the doctor of anesthesia gives him a small dose of anesthesia and a strong painkiller so that he does not feel pain during the local anesthesia
and then the local anesthesia begins in the part of the neck for the extraction of the grafts
after finishing the local anesthesia, using a micro motor with a speed of 10 revolutions per second, the doctor extracts the grafts and his team begins to collect the grafts to note them and calculate them by putting them in a special product for the keep in good condition
after extracting the amount of the grafts decided by the doctor, the patient changes position to start the second stage
in this step, the anesthesia doctor again gives the painkiller and the small dose of anesthesia to start the local anesthesia in the part that will be implanted
after that, the anesthesia begins and the doctor begins to open the channels, this stage can take an hour and a half, the opening of the channels is a very sensitive period which requires experience and professionalism, only the doctor can do this stage
after opening channels our doctor prefers to give the patient a little break and take him out for lunch and relax a little, a medical assistant stays with him during his break
Immediately after, the implantation of the grafts begins and it can take from 3 to 4 hours. the grafts are implanted one by one with all caution to not damage the grafts and kill them, if this is the case, the grafts will never grow back.
If it is not a professional team that does this step, the grafts may die and not grow back afterwards.
just after this step the operation is finished, the cleaning and the bandaging is done by the team, and then the medical assistant and the translator stay with the patient to explain to him the instructions after the operation, how to wash his head and how to take the drugs, then bring it back to the hotel.
After that the patient receives all these well-explained and detailed PDF instructions and stays in touch with his medical assistant until the final result. And of course the team of Doctor Olcay Saygin ZenHair clinic always makes sure to put a smile on the patient’s face and that they leave the clinic in full satisfaction

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