NANO FUE Technique

The FUE technique emerged as a solution and better implementation of the hair surgery after FUT. Rapid developments in hair transplantation have produced smaller and more advanced tools and the hair transplanting techniques have subsequently moved from macro, to micro, and then to Nano. The Nano Fue is the latest automated high-quality procedure of the Fue technique which facilitates the harvesting of hair grafts during a FUE hair transplant surgery. This method has drastically improved the accuracy and speed over generally used manual extracting equipments.

The amazing thing about this procedure is that it uses direct implanters that are very quick and completely painless. It adopts a way of direct follicular transplant with minimum effect to the scalp in the most aesthetic way. This method is also performed under local anesthesia but does not leave any incision marks on both donor and recipient areas. Hair follicles are precisely extracted with a specially designed instrument of a diameter ranging from 0.4mm-1mm which does the work perfectly with no manual contact with the hair grafts. Hair grafts are then implanted without a pre-incision process like the regular micro-Fue or other conventional methods. Through this process, surgery is done and finished in a much lesser time and surgeons are more in control of the stages regarding the most natural outcome and hair density such as the angle, depth, and direction the hair grafts are being implanted.

Advantages of NANO FUE
1. The safety of this procedure is 100% guaranteed.
2. This procedure leaves no scarring, cut, or incision marks.
3. There is Zero Pain experienced in this procedure.
4. Whereas results for other methods may vary depending on the manual handling of hair grafts, Nano Fue only guarantees the most natural look after surgery.
5. Quickest recovery rate: Patients can easily return to work the next day after surgery and continue with their daily life routines without any restrictions.
6. This method has an efficiency rate of more than 98% with a maximum optimum density.

Here at Zen Hair, we made sure to make available of this wonderful procedure in order to provide the best comfort and relaxation for our patients during and after their surgeries. In addition to FUE and DHI technique, we also offer the NANO FUE technique to our patients who wish to undergo this process.

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