How do you Book an Appointment For Hair Transplant Before Coming To Turkey

In the present time, many people try to come to Turkey to get their hair transplant surgery done.
In the last 10 years, Turkey became the number one choice for those who want to do hair transplantation. The reason is that hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide the best results with suitable prices as well. So it has become a destination for patients from all over the world.

But how we can make a plan to get a hair transplant surgery? Is that going to be when you arrive in Turkey or you can make the deal on the internet?

To answer this question, i will explain step by step how you can make a plan to come to Zenhair clinic for your hair transplant surgery.

1-Get a free consultation from our website:

when you click on “get a free consultation” bottom and fill a form with your personal information, your message will be sent to our operator and he will transfer your request to one of the hair transplant Consultants in the centre.

After that, the Consultants will send a welcome message to your WhatsApp and ask you to send some pictures of your baldness condition. Also, he could ask about your health condition, your age or if you made a surgical operation before.

After processing your request, our Consultants will explain how many sessions you need, and what are the maximum grafts that can be transplanted etc.

2-Book an appointment:
After agreeing on the operation’s cost, you shall pay a deposit fee in order to reserve a date for yourself and our medical team will book an appointment and a date to come and do the operation.Your hotel and transportation booking can be finalized after you send your flight details to confirm the appointment.

The paid deposit will be deducted from surgery’s total cost and there are no additional or hidden fees.

3-Meet our transporting team in Airport:
When your flight arrives, there will be a team waiting for you at the arrivals gate to pick you up to your hotel that we reserved. When you get the hotel, the receptionist will receive you and you can find a reservation in your name.

4-Be ready to meet the doctor:
The next day, one of our Consultants will pick you up from the hotel to the hospital to meet the doctor and do the first check. After the check is over the operation will begin for 6-8 work hours and after that, the driver can pick you back to take a rest in the hotel.

5-Next day’s check:
The next day you should come back again to check your condition and sterilize your wound from the donor area to keep it away from any kind of infections.

6-Your departure day:
After your check ends, a driver will pick you up again from your hotel to the airport to travel back to your home.

At the end of this trip which takes 3 days at most you are going to relax and wait for the results to begin after a few months.

You can contact our medical team on these numbers by Viber or Whatsapp:

00905449364247 – 00905332124442

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