The Main Stages of Hair Transplantation

Most people know that the hair transplantation is not an easy process and it needs much time and work from both the doctor and the patient as well. However, it may take about 6-8 hours at least and in some rare cases it can be a 12 hour procedure. In the last few years, people started to travel to Turkey to get their hair transplant surgeries done because of the high quality operations turkey is newly practicing and the affordable prices as well. Turkey today is considered the number 1 country running the highest number of hair transplant surgeries in the world. In this blog, we shall talk about the stages of this procedure from the START to the FINAL stage with all the details.

The hair transplant operation basically have three main stages:

1- Extraction of the hair follicles.

2- Opening of the hair channels.

3- Transplantation the hair follicles.

Extraction stage: 

On the morning of the surgery, the patient needs to have a full and good breakfast to give strength and durability of the body undergoing long hours of the procedure. When the patient enters the surgery room, he firstly changes into the surgery gown to get comfortable and also for hygienic purposes. Next, his blood will be taken for the blood test to make sure he does not have any diseases that might hinder the process of the hair transplant. After that, his blood pressure has to be checked as well because the operation cannot begin if the blood pressure is too high or too low. If everything is checked and reported normal, the local anaesthesia process shall begin. The patient will be asked to lie down on his stomach with his head bent in order to be in the right position for the anaesthesia application which is done on the donor area where the hair grafts will be extracted from. The Adrenalin injection is applied as well to further make the donor area softer and easier for the extraction process. After this process is over, the doctor begins the extraction one by one using a special equipment called “Micro motor”. This machine is able to take out the hair follicles in a faster and safer method than the FUT- strip technique. The micro motor has a small tapered head with a diameter between 0.4-0.8 mm which works cyclically by extracting the hair grafts and keeping them still and upright without any damage. The whole procedure may take 2-3 hours or even shorter depending on how large or small is the bald area needed to be covered. After this process, the donor area is cleaned and bandaged immediately to prevent the cause of any infection.

Opening of the hair channels:

After the extraction stage, the patient is given a short break to rest, use the toilet, eat some food, and also relax his bones for a while. After that the implanting procedure begins. The front hair line to be followed will be drawn by the doctor and then a second anaesthesia is given on the area where implantation will be done to cancel any pain during the process. In this stage the doctor makes holes in the baldness area in which the extracted hair grafts will be implanted in. This procedure needs to be done by an expert because the hair channels must be opened in an angle of 45 degrees to give a natural hair line from the front and a normal hair growth and shape to the whole head without it looking artificially placed after getting the results. This process may take about 40 minutes and it is being done using a special tool with a sharp head to get into the scalp. The hair channels have to be opened according to the exact number of hair grafts removed. That is, if for example 3000 grafts were removed then the hair channels opened should also be 3000 hair channels.

Transplant stage:

In this phase, the hair grafts which were extracted will start to be implanted in the recipient area i.e the bald area where the hair channels have been opened. This procedure can take between 3-4 hrs at most and the patient needs to stay awake and focused to help the doctors to finish the operation as soon as possible. In this stage, the patient will be seated in an upright position so he can as well watch the tv, listen to music, or read a book to reduce boredom. At the end of this stage, the doctor shall provide the necessary medication needed to the patient and also the precautions to be taken after the surgery. The hair transplant surgery is now over and the patient can get his bandage removed the next day after surgery.


*The donor area takes 8 months to recover in total.

*The implanted hair will start by falling off from the 1st to the 3rd month, but the hair grafts will remain fixed into the scalp.

*After the 3rd month you shall start noticing new hair growth, and this will keep improving month after month.

*The hair transplant surgery shows its full results after One and a half year.

*Electric shavers should not be used on the donor area for 2 months while on the implanted area for 8 months. 

*The PRP injections, vitamins, and after-care supplements such as shampoos and essential oils specifically recommended by the doctor are the necessary boost and drivers needed for the full re-grow, required density, and satisfied results for your hair transplant.

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