Hair Transplantation Turkey Vs. England

Hair Transplantation Turkey Vs. England

Hair loss is a problem that can be badly experienced often in men than in women because of illnesses, accidents or genetics.
This problem bothers people and lowers their self-confidence, but fortunately science has been able to find a solution for years.
If you look for hair transplant clinics in the world on the internet, you will find in the first place, hair transplant in Turkey
Nowadays, most of the patients who wish to have a hair transplant go to Turkey due to a lot of causes.
Turkey has well proven its place in cosmetic surgery and now it is among the top destinations in the whole world, but as there are more than 300 hair transplant establishments, you have to choose the right place.

Why Turkey?

The price-quality ratio is the first reason that leaves Turkey the first destination for many patients wishing for hair transplantation. Compared to several countries, such as L angletaire, the United States, France, the price of operations in Turkey is cheaper and I am attractive after everything that is included in it

Packages vary from clinic to clinic, but compared to other countries, all packages are attractive to foreign patients. Have a cheaper price, with accommodation, transfer, drugs and products to be used after the operation and sometimes even with the plane ticket, all these services are included in the total price of the operation which is always cheaper than the price of just the operation of the hair transplant in another country, without services included.
Even if the price is cheaper, but the quality of the services and the results are often perfect, you just have to choose the clinic and the doctor carefully and above all not leave at the price which is too low.
So, to conclude, the patients prefer to go to Turkey to do the hair transplant, with a good price and good quality of services and of course for a good result.
And they also find that it is a good opportunity to visit this country which is also known and which receives lots of foreign tourists.
So doing a hair transplant and traveling at the same time to discover another country is much better to do a hair transplant in your own country with a high price
As long as Turkey has focused on hair transplantation and everything aesthetic, it has become well known and popular, so try to have everything modern, all modern techniques and machines. They have performed well on the advertisement and they have well attracted patients from all over the world with the popularity and their quality and best price.
All this does not mean that hair transplantation in England or any other country is a bad idea, where cosmetic surgery is useless elsewhere, on the contrary, cosmetic surgery is very modern and advanced than other countries, their results are magnificent, but with a much higher price than Turkey, we can even say they have the same results in Turkey and England but it is very good to travel and do the hair transplant for a lower price and with the same quality and result.
The system of specifying the price in England is according to the grafts to be implanted, but in Turkey the price differs and changes according to the technique used and the number of sessions
Now, Turkey is far advanced than other countries in the aesthetic field, it is among the best in the world and receives patients from all over the word.
You just have to type on the internet hair transplant, in the first results you will find the hair transplant in turkey.
In Doctor Olcay Saygin Zen hair clinic, and with an experience of more than 15 years, we receive patients from all over the word, from England, France, United States, Canada, German etc..
All these countries are more advanced economically than Turkey, but Turkey has managed to be the first in the aesthetic field.
The fact that these patients leave their country, and their Clinics which are in the same place where they live and move towards Turkey, shows that Turkey deserves to be the first…
But all this does not mean that there are bad clinics in Turkey, in each country there is the good and the bad, so before choosing a clinic, you have to look well before making the final decision.
because there are a lot of places where there is not even a specialized doctor and a diploma
You always have to take time and research well, So to conclude, the qualification of doctors in Turkey and abroad is the same, but what specializes in Turkey and leaves it the preferred one for several patients, it is the best quality and price ratio. This is what encourages many patients to go to Turkey and leave the clinics of their countries
In our clinic Dr. Olcay Saygin ZenHair, our Doctor has more than 15 years of experience, with his professional and qualified team, who has chosen and selected well before hiring. The hygiene team, the transfer, the translators, the assistants medical, doctor’s assistants and administration are 100 percent well qualified and professional and ready to satisfy the patients.

Why Olcay SAYGIN Zen Hair Clinic?

– An experience of more than 15 years in the field of hair transplantation
– The doctor prefers to do two operations a day to be able to attend both operations
– a luxurious clinic that follows hygiene standards
– a large team who are recruited according to their experience and professionalism: hygiene team
transfer team
kitchen team
medical assistants
doctor’s assistants
doctor of anesthesia
administration team
– A life time guarantee certificate
– follow-up until the final result
-Luxurious service that starts from the airport
– A medical assistant and a translator who follow up with the patient before, during and after the operation until the final result
– A health follow-up before the arrival of the patient which is done by the doctor of anesthesia
– multiple health tests, blood, allergies, check of heartbeats and blood pressure under the presence of the doctor of anesthesia and the surgeon

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