NSF (Nano Sapphire FUE) Hair Transplant

Before going throw the details of this technique let’s go back a little bit exactly to year 1952 when a dermatologist did the first successful hair transplantation procedure based on the basic principle of hair transplantation which says that transplanted hair continues to display the same characteristics of the hair from where it was taken. In other words, healthy hair that is harvested from the back or side of the scalp will continue to grow as if it were still in its original location. Donor dominance explains why hair in the donor area, which is resistant to balding, continues to grow after it is transplanted to the thinning or bald areas of the scalp.

The introduction of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) was in 1994 , with a concept of using stereo-microscopic graft dissection to obtain follicular units from a donor strip, with good outcomes, but also increased the skills required by the surgeon and staff to perform hair transplants. And leaving big scar in the donor area . it is not commonly used nowadays due its side effects with leaving big noticeable scar in donor area .


More advanced techniques , with a concept of harvesting grafts directly from the back of the scalp, rather than harvesting from a donor strip for both techniques , the difference is in the implantation stage . DHI by using the choi pen device to place the hair grafts inside it then place and insert the hair grafts directly in the recipient area without opening hair channels , in FUE it will be done manually opening the hair channels in the natural direction over the recipient area then insert the hair grafts carefully in the correct skin layer .


NSF is the most advanced method from FUE , using the best techniques in the extraction stage as well as the implantation stage . Using the Nano Fue which is the latest automated high-quality procedure of the Fue technique which facilitates the harvesting of hair grafts during a FUE hair transplant surgery. This method has drastically improved the accuracy and speed over generally used manual extracting equipment. Taking the exact hair grafts from the donor area without any harm for grafts or the surrounding tissue leaving no marks, scars , bleeding or pain . the healing process of the donor are fast without any side effects . With NSF the Sapphire FUE is used in the implantation stage to open the hair channels in the skin in correct angle resembling the natural hair growth , using the sapphire instead of normal tools increase the quality of the operation with fast healing process .
NSF Nano Sapphire FUE technique need very experience doctor like Dr. Olcay Saygin to take the best of the both techniques in one operation .

Advantages of NSF technique :
1. The safety of this procedure is 100% guaranteed.
2. The procedure leaves no scarring, cut, incision marks or bleeding
3. There is No Pain experienced in this procedure.
4. NSF Nano Sapphire FUE guarantees the most natural look after surgery.
5. Quickest recovery rate: Patients can easily return to work the next day after surgery and continue with their daily life routines without any restrictions.
6. Natural looking hair with excellent density with no side effects after the operations .
7- NSF Technique ensure full coverage from the first session with out any harm to the shape and health of the donor area as well the existing hair in the recipient area .
8- NSF is the only technique that has nearly zero side effects with top achievement of the waiting results

We in Dr. Olcay Saygin Zen Hair Clinic offer The NSF ( NANO SAPPHIRE FUE ) technique to our patients who wish to undergo this process.

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