What is Robotic Hair Transplantation?

Very recently, we began hearing a term “Robotic hair transplant” at many hair transplant clinics in Turkey but what does that term mean?

Robotic hair transplant is some kind of programmed robot doing several functions instead of the doctor to save more time and effort during the surgery. For example, it can do the harvesting phase faster than the doctor with his machine. Since we heard that the robot was inserted in the field of hair transplant, people started to create rumours. People kept saying “the robot performs the whole surgery and the doctors only check its performance from time to time”. But is this true? Does the doctor only check its performance without doing anything? So, there is no need for doctors in the first place and it’s enough to let some robot do the operation? Well I want to clarify that it is totally wrong! No robot can perform a whole surgery by itself. Some non-famous hair transplant clinics create the idea of robots performing the whole surgery, starting by harvesting phase to the last stage which is grafts implantation to earn more clients and gain more money from this occupation. There is a question coming to the mind “Why famous doctors and clinics don’t use the robot in their surgeries?” That is because until now, no studies can prove that the robot’s results are successful and effective. That’s one of the several reasons reducing the chances of using this technology by the most famous hair transplant surgeons in Turkey.

If we check the statistics between several hair restoration technologies we find that “Robotic hair transplantation” is the most expensive cost. To get a hair restoration surgery by a robot in one of the hair restoration clinics in Istanbul you have to pay approximately 5000€. We have to know the robot does not perform all stages of the procedure but only a few steps and under the supervision of a doctor. For example, it can do the harvesting phase for some patients but it is different to do the same extraction work method to some other patients due to difference in the donor area. The donor area isn’t the same for all patients and each one has a different size and different density. And while the robot doesn’t have a full conscious to make the right decision, It just can do a unified work for all the patients and that is totally wrong.

Advantages of robotic hair transplant:
1- Saving time and effort on the doctor and the patient as well but in return increases the chances of an error while executing the procedure.
2- The surgeon will be able to manipulate the robot from a centralized distance means that the surgery can be performed in a less restrictive manner. This means that the patient can be treated and operated on with a minimum of staff which in turn, reduces costs to the hospitals.
3- No surgical procedure will be needed once you undergo a robotic hair transplant, so less bleeding during the operation.

Disadvantages of robotic hair transplant
The surgeon often notes a much steeper learning curve in mastering the Da Vinci System which takes time. It usually takes at least hundreds of surgeries before the surgeon is able to master the robot. This extra training time can perhaps be better used to train a surgeon’s skill in manual operation. The surgeon might possibly not be able to make full use of the advantages of the robot if they have not mastered it yet.
Robotic surgeries are more expensive than traditional surgery due to the extra cost of robots. The traditional FUE, Micro FUE, and DHI hair transplant techniques are relatively cheaper and more guaranteed too.
Robotic hair restoration is not recommended by so many doctors in Turkey, the reason is that these machines cannot give you guaranteed results as much as the FUE or DHI does. So do not take a risk to try that when no study could approve the safety and quality of this work.
With robots, there is a possibility of malfunction just like all electronics. However, should a malfunction occur, the surgeon can readily take over the robot to continue with the operation. A replacement robot can be also put in place to be ready for such a mishap.

In the end, we just want to say that in Turkey there are 3 main hair restoration known methods which are: FUT, FUE and the DHI hair transplant and they are considered the best by the results and quality of the work but for FUT it became an old technique resulting to scars it leaves behind, therefore it is rarely practiced these days. The Micro FUE and DHI are considered the best choice of all time for so many reasons such as:
1- No scars can be seen for a long time and recovery occurs within 2 weeks.
2- Extracting the maximum number of hair grafts without harming the donor zone or leaving any gaps behind.
3- Through the hair channels which a surgeon opens, he can determine the appropriate depth and direction of the follicles.
4- Less bleeding with special tools to harvest and open the hair channels.

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