The Most Important Things You Must Avoid After The Hair Transplant

Zenhair transplant center is considered one of the best esthetic centers in Turkey and one of the top reasons is our constant follow up with patients before and after their surgeries.

After three days of a hair transplant you must begin the first 9 washes which is a very important stage of hair recovery.

The Anesthesia wears off after 4 days, in these 4 days it is very important to be cautious about the head movement. Sitting, sleeping, watching, and walking should be done with the head in an upright position, to prevent the Anesthesia from coming down the face and causing swelling. Drink a lot of water in these days to ease swelling problems.

The first 2 weeks is equally important regarding the grafts. The hair grafts try to fix themselves properly in this duration. Be very careful about the head while putting on or removing clothing, while getting in the car try not to hit your head, stay away from harsh weather conditions such as excessive sun or wind or rain. Try to keep an umbrella or hat close by. Do not scratch the implanted area.

In the first 15 days the patient shouldn’t wear any tight clothes to avoid harming the implanted area and preferably to wear shirts with bottons or zipper.

After 2 days, most patients might get some itch either in implanted area or donor area, so the patient shouldn’t scratch otherwise he will damage it. he can take anti itching pills such as claritine.

When the operation time is over the medical team will provide you with treatment you need to use to aid your recovery.
If you have much time we prefer to do the first by the specialist in the clinic and after that you can follow the same way.

In the first 10 days you should also avoid smoking too much cigarettes and avoid drinking big amount of alcoholic drinks.

You have to avoid swimming in the pool for 21 days and in the sea for one month.

The hard sports like football or basketball have to be avoided for 30 days .

Do not use the electric shaver on the donor area till after 2 months and on the implanted area till after 8 months. You can use a scissors to trim it incase it looks bushy.

Do not dye your hair for 6 months.

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