How to choose the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

If you’re one of the millions who searches on the Internet in order to find the most suitable hair transplant centers which offer good prices and quality work. You should read this article to find out.

Recently, the hair transplant surgery has become very famous all over the world, due to its successful outcome and after-surgery results. People who do not live in Turkey have to search on the Internet and social media like facebook and Twitter to find out which clinic is the best and the safest ones in order to make their appointment and go for it.

There are so many websites on the Internet giving answers to the question “what clinic is the best in Turkey?”. Those websites would make your mission easier to find which are the best clinics in Turkey according to their records and comparison with hundreds of thousands hair transplant clinics all around the world. At the end of the day, make sure you made the good choice at the end of your research about which clinic to go with for your procedure. To find out which clinic is the best in Turkey, you have to carefully analyze and compare. Also, do not be in a rush to decide. Google reviews from previous patients stating their experience is very helpful to get an insight of how the doctor is and how the procedure works. Also, watch out for fake reviews as well, there are lots that could be found trying to tarnish the image of the hospital or the doctor.

If you search on Google about Zen hair transplant center or Dr.Olcay Saygin, you will find hundreds of links which talks about the clinic’s services to their clients Dr Olcay as the best doctor in Turkey as well.

Social media can be your second option to make your choice, you can find thousands of accounts facebook and Instagram pages that have had their surgery done by Dr Olcay saygin including their results.Our Facebook platform allows you to follow the latest results of hair transplantation at our center and identifies client’s opinions and ratings.

Our center also provides a guarantee certificate when you finish your surgery with Dr. Olcay. This guarantee is issued from the ministry of health in Turkey and states you will 100% get the best results and your implanted hair shall never fall off. 

All clients are advised to as well judge based on results they see with the Dr and her clients showing different stages of the surgery. In all results you can see the quality of her job starting from the hair channels which are placed with the single hair grafts at the front line in order to give a thick and dense result after the hair transplant recovery.

Dr Olcay Saygin has more than 17 years of experience in the field of Hair Transplant and has practised her profession in both Germany and Netherlands. She has successfully conducted more than 30.000 surgeries including hair, beard and eyebrows transplantation. Zen Hair Esthetic Center is her own clinic which she opened since 2016 and has been practising on her own still then. She is now considered amongst the top well known doctors having vast experience and knowledge with the hair transplant sector in Turkey.

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