Mega session Hair Transplantation

The mega session hair transplant procedure is the most modern and advanced way to achieve the maximum implantation of hair grafts in the shortest period of time. In a single procedure lasting one day, 4,500 to as many as 5500 follicular unit micro grafts can be transplanted achieving the most impressive results. Only a decade ago, to put 4500-6000 grafts into perspective, few surgeons were performing about 1000 grafts in one surgical session, and after a while 2500 grafts in a single surgical session. 3500-5500 grafts represents a significant leap of surgical technology in a very short span of time.

The Advantages of a Mega session:

1-better graft yield and survival 

2-less donor scarring 

3-less downtime for the patient 

4-aesthetically excellent results 

5-no plugginess between surgeries 

6-greater overall value and recovery time: as with other hair transplant procedures, most regular activities can be resumed the next day, normal exercise after five days, and the growth of the hairs typically starts in three to four months. Occasionally, some patients will have a second procedure performed to provide further hair density.

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