Does the Hair Transplantation Results remain for life?

If you are a hair transplant surgeon, the first question you will be asked by the patient is “Is my hair transplant going to be permanent?” Mostly all hair transplant surgeons around the world have been asked the same question which has a simple answer:- “yes your results will be permanent”. In general, after three months the Implanted hair starts to grow, you can notice that new hair seems less thick and shorter than usual, but as time goes on it will grow into the normal size of your real hair.
Surgeons rely on an area that extends across the back and sides of the head where the growth cycle continues indefinitely. This “permanent zone” is called the donor area from where implanted hair follicles are extracted. This hair is different and usually isn’t subject to ever fall off. Hair transplanted from outside the donor area could eventually thin or fall out the same as the original hair did. It is so important to determine which parts are suitable for follicles to be extracted and which aren’t.
For example, there are weak hairs above your neck and doctors don’t prefer these follicles to be extracted because they won’t grow out and even if they do, they won’t be permanent. Be sure that implanted hair is not in any way related to genetic factors, so be relaxed you won’t lose this hair again in future. You may primarily experience hair loss of your previous existing hair along your hairline and temples after you undergo hair restoration. Then in a few years, you may begin to experience hair loss on the crown of your head. If these locations were not addressed during the first treatment, you may need to have a second hair transplant to make a full coverage.

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