Needle-Free Anesthesia For Hair Transplant

About 20% of the world population have needle injection phobias. The needle free anesthesia came as a promising option for the needle phobic. This procedure commonly known for dermatological practices is also used in the hair transplant sector. In this procedure, the lack of needle usage and the rapidity of the instrument eases apprehension in patients and provides a sense of calmness during surgeries.

How does it work?
As we all know, the hair transplant surgery requires stages of anesthesia process during both extraction of grafts and implantation as well. This has to be done in order to numb those areas and rid patients of pain during the procedure. This process can be said to be the most feared stage of hair transplant by patients. Patients are always nervous, skeptical, and can even resort to sweating or fainting due to anxiety. This situation of intense and unreasonable fear for needles has led to the invention of the needle- less anesthesia which cannot be overemphasized. The needle free anesthesia also called the jet injection is a needle free instrument used by surgeons to help penetrate fluids into the skin through a high speed stream without any pain or discomfort.

Advantages of needle-free anesthesia

-lesser risk of infection:-Because the local needle anesthesia uses needles, there is always a high risk of infection, however the needle free anesthesia is very safe and secure from causing any infections.
-Faster process:-Even for the surgeons, this process has proven to be faster and steadier during surgeries.
-faster healing:-due to the scalp not injected in any way, there wouldn’t be any wounds or incisions on the scalp that would cause pain and require healing. The scalp therefore heals faster with lesser damage.

In Zenhair Esthetic Center, we offer and highly recommended this procedure as an alternative for our patients. Our patients can comfortably read books, listen to music, and watch the television during their surgeries without any discomfort.

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