Psychological tension and its relation to hair loss

Undoubtedly, anxiety and tension in general leads to many health problems that are negatively reflected on the human body and can create a huge impact on academic achievement, loss of ability to focus, and a sense of fatigue. But according to a new research carried out by some scientists at the University of California reveals that anxiety and tension can also have an effect on your hair and cause hair loss as well.
Why does anxiety cause hair loss?
As we all know that human hair grows according to a physiological cycle, but what if there is a dysfunction in the physiological cycle of hair?
The disorder in this physiological balance, which may result from psychological stress, can be the triggering cause to hair loss.
Habits that we get used to repeating every day or during a temporary period such as head hair plucking as a reaction due to psychological stress that occurs to human being.
Hair loss is also related to tension but not all kinds of tension causes hair loss. Tension due to temporary conditions associated with work or study can cause hair loss but not forever, mostly for a certain period of time. Once these conditions have passed, the hair will return to normal and grow up again. Stress that lasts for a long time leads to sleep disturbances or changes in appetite, which increases the levels of pressure hormones in the body and this may lead to hair loss.
We can see that there is a general hair loss happening with all people. Human can loose 100-150 hairs per day and that is a normal thing which occurs as a result of cell renewal in the scalp. There is a phase of hair growth called the resting phase. The hair grows from the growth phase to the resting phase for three to four months. After that, the hair falls off and is replaced with new hair. Excessive stress may change this physiological routine in the body and cause more hair to move to the “rest” phase prematurely.
The consequences of this situation may be alarming. Doctors agree that physiological stress stemming from physiological changes can lead to hair loss. These physiological changes can include diet, medical conditions or lifestyle changes.
What Causes Additional Hair Loss?
* Low calorie diet.
* Postpartum, when estrogen levels are low.
* Severe illness.
* After a sharp rise in body temperature.
* Medications against high blood pressure, thyroid diseases, dietary deficiencies in vitamin D and vitamin A.

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