Why Crown Hair Restoration Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon

Why Crown Hair Restoration Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon

The crown area is the most effected area by the hair loss and the most difficult area to restore for many reasons : – Blood circulation in the area is poor, leading to poor follicular nutrition.

  • The pattern of the crown area makes it an area with less density of hair , even people who not have baldness in this area , still have some parts with lower density
  • The crown area is sensitive

Too many people who suffers from hair loss starts to take vitamins and medicines  to stop the hair loss, and most of them go back to the effective solution which is the Hair Transplant Surgery .


After the Hair transplant surgery , the grafts implanted in the front and the middle areas bellows in some months,  the final results of these areas is after 7 to 8 months , but the crown area takes about one year to show up , and unfortunately some patients are not satisfied by the result of the crown area specially , why ?

As we said before the crown area is the must sensitive and difficult area , not everyone can successfully perform the operation, it requires great skills  , experience and a lot of concentration .

As Doctor Olcay Saygin s ZenHair Clinic , the Doctor makes sure that  the natural, or spiral, hair pattern in the crown region of the scalp must be meticulously recreated in which every angle of hair matches the existing hair , make sure also while opening the channels to not kill the exciting hair , the surgeon must be careful to open the channels carefully with the right way : not opening the skin very depth and not very superficial , that leads to kill the exciting grafts and damaging the skin .

Its also important to have a good consultation from an experienced Doctor , because the  number of the grafts units to be extracted changes  and varies greatly from person to an other , it depends on the donor area , when we say doner area it’s the area where the doctor extract the grafts , it’s the area above the neck up to the sides of the ears . A bad consultation and a bad personalized hair transplant plan can cause  at first , a bad results of the implanted area , less density than expected and also , which is the most important and scary , it can damage the donor area .

So the experienced doctor and skilled surgeon don t think only about the result of the implanted area , but thinks also about the health of the donor area .  However the surface of the baldness in the crown area , the Doctor do a plan that will save the both zones .


The most of our patients suffer from the baldness in the crown area , some of them needs two surgeries to cover all the area and others needs only one surgery and it depends on the density of the donor area and the surface of the bald area . Some patients have a big surface of baldness , there front , middle and crown area , in this case our Doctor Olcay Saygin propose these solutions :

  • If the donor area is good enough , the doctor propose 2 sessions in two consecutive days with a number of grafts of more than 5500 : the first day the implantation is in the front and middle area  , and the second day is just in the crown area . The both of surgeries can take from 7 to 8 hours .


Here you can see the important that the doctor gives to the crown area to work on it 6 to 7 hours .

  • The second case is when the donor area its not good enough to cover all the baldness area , so in this case , the doctor propose also two sessions but with a difference of 6 months to one year . The first session the doctor Olcay Saygin implant the front and the middle area , and after 6 months to one year , the doctor implant the crown area . So why do you think the doctor propose to the patient to wait 6 months to one year to implant the crown area ? and why all this duration ?

The purpose of waiting all this time to do the second surgery for the crown area is to not damage the donor area , because its already weak , and to concentrate one the crown area and giving it a good density .

So to have a successful hair transplant surgery , you must be in a good hands , in the hands of an experienced surgeon and specially if the baldness area is the crown area .

For the best results there is some instructions that our doctor advice our patients to follow before , during and after the surgery . As Doctor Olcay Saygin Zenhair clinic , we follow up the patient during all the procedure to the final result . Because the important thing is not just the surgery , but its also the good follow up with the suitable instructions to follow .

In brief , The success of the hair transplant surgery and specially of the most difficult area of the head is due to  an experienced doctor and a hight qualified surgeon who can :

  • Give you the right hair transplant personalized plan and the suitable for your case
  • Keep your crown area safe without damaging it
  • Keep your donor area in a good health
  • Give you the right instructions to follow before,during and after the surgery



Our surgeon Olcay Saygin performed hundreds of hair transplant surgeries in the crown area with her experience of more than 15 years , she gives to her patients a lifetime guaranty certificate and follow them step by step .


This is some results of the surgeries that she performed , If you want to be in a good hands and have such a good results , you can contact us for more information and a free hair analysis .

Why Crown Hair Restoration Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon
Why Crown Hair Restoration Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon
Why Crown Hair Restoration Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon
Why Crown Hair Restoration Requires a Highly Skilled Surgeon

To have a good and a successful result , choosing an experienced and a highly qualified surgeon is so important , if the team is not enough experienced that will impact negatively on the result .
we can not say that the result is good if there is one of the things indicated above is missing :
– A Good density
– A healthy skin
– A healthy donor area
– A natural look of the hair implanted with the perfect hairline suitable for the person
Our Doctor makes sure to realize all this by using the most modern techniques like the Nano Sapphire FUE which is a technique that uses a specific type of blade for transplantation. The healing after this technique is faster and the results looks more natural .


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