Using Body Hair In Hair Transplants

Most of hair transplant doctors do not recommend to use body hair for this procedure.

The main reason is that the body hair does not remain for a long time after transplantation and also for its weak nature which is different from the nature of the donor’s hair.

But in some cases, doctors are forced to use body hair when the patient’s donor area is weak, thin and unsuitable for such a procedure.

Also, some doctors use the body hair to fill the gaps in the beard and moustache as well. Body hair can also be used to do eyebrow transplant surgery.

From another hand, body hair can be used to mend the scars in the scalp that usually appear after a hair transplant procedure.

Areas where doctors prefer to take hair from are: chest, beard, back and legs and consequently, the more body hair density you have, it makes you eligible for a hair transplant procedure using body hair.

What techniques can be used with such a procedure?

The best transplant technique used in such a procedure is the FUE (follicular unit extraction) where a machine called (micro motor) extracts follicles one by one from the donor area don’t matter if it’s the neck, chest or even leg.

After the extraction process ends, the doctor will start to open hair channels all over the baldness area to fill them with follicles.

Another method can be the FUT where the doctor creates a circular incision on the skin surrounding the graft and then he pulls it out directly from its position and places it in the preserving solution and finally plants it in the receiving area.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for this procedure?


It provides good density to cover a considerable space of the bald area.


-The difference in structure between scalp hair and body hair.
-The process of removing body hair is harder.
-The incompatibility between scalp hair and body hair.
-Hair dies in two or three years after the procedure.

Side effects:
Like any other hair transplant, this procedure also has some side effects like thinning in the receiving area and pain for few days after. it may also cause swelling in the planted area so we need to stay in touch with our doctor and ask him about any problems.

Results and recovery:
Scars need few weeks after transplant to disappear during that time patient may take painkiller pills to help him.

For the results, the planted hair will fall down between the range of 1-3 months, after the third month it will grow again stronger and thicker from the start.

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