5 Important Things to Know While Searching for the Best Hair Transplant Doctors

It could be difficult to determine the best hair center and surgeon in Turkey because it is about choice and preference and the criteria used for the determination. In this article I have listed the key points that can be used to determine the most credible and best hair transplant center and the best doctor in Turkey.

Perfect Communication Establishment.
First and foremost, Irrespective of where you want to have your hair transplant, be it your local doctor or a foreign doctor, good communication is vital for understanding to determine if a patient is the right candidate for the hair transplant surgery and the general condition to be able to make the right decision making. It is very necessary to decide with the patient when determining the hairline. Managing the unrealistic patients expectations is also crucial during communication, this does not make the patient feel disappointed after getting the results. In addition to this is deciding together with the patient in choosing the hair transplant technique and the date for the surgery. In brief, a good communication link must be created between the doctor or the clinic and the patient before, during and after the operation. These information helps in achieving satisfied results. Both detailed online and face to face consultation with the medical team and the doctor to be able to give you all the essential information you need to know prior to the surgery. This will allow you get some feedback about the schedule of the operation date.

The Experience Level of the Surgeon.
Even though the success of every surgery does not solely depend the doctor alone but also how the patient follows instructions of the surgery, the experience level and the number of successful operations performed must be excellent. There are many surgeons in Turkey with over 15 years experience in the FUE method of hair transplant with over 30,000 successful surgeries. The surgeons can also cover larger area of your baldness with the limited grafts available. Turkish hair transplant surgeons are practicing surgeons and this makes them exceptional. The surgeon must have enough experience. The best surgeon should have a wide range of experience in the use of advanced technology for healthcare delivery. Also the clinic must be able to provide international standard by practicing according to international clinical guidelines.

Quality of work and results.
Any good doctor has a good reputation and nice reviews. Try to figure out about the outcome of the results of previous patients. Demand before and after pictures of the previous hair transplant from the doctor. If the doctor proves to you without reasonable doubt and offer affordable price, then the quality of work is assured.

Ultra-Modern International standards Clinics
The Turkish hair transplant clinics deliver healthcare in the state of the art complex buildings with the adoption new technology which is fully equipped and match international standard. The clinics comply with hygienic standards in hair transplantation under surgical sterilization conditions. These improve the quality of work and safety of patients as well as maximize patient satisfaction.

When your concern is to get world class healthcare in hair transplant at an affordable price outside your home country, then Turkey is the right country for you . Turkey is very famous in providing quality and safety hair transplant surgeries in the world at an affordable rate. Comparatively the cost of hair transplant surgery in Turkey is about 5 times affordable than in the advanced countries such as Canada, UK, USA and many more. Whilst in the advanced countries the cost of hair transplant ranges between 4,000 USD and 25,000 USD, in Turkey it is ranging between 900 USD to 4000 USD depending on the number of grafts. The clinics offer affordable world class healthcare service at very high success rate.

Which hair transplant method does the doctor use.
Now the most preferred hair transplant method is the FUE and the DHI which gives natural looking hair results and also leaves no scars at the donor area. It is important to know if your chosen surgeon has the skills for both procedures.

Post – operation care service
The best doctor is the one that can provide some aftercare services like monitoring their patient until they get well and their desired results. Consider the clinics who do not offer only the treatment but also care for the outcome of the results. If this fails in the provider’s policy, this is not the option to take.

In brief, during your research to get your hair transplant done, all the above mentioned factors must be considered. This will steer you to getting the best hair transplant doctor for your operation. Here in Dr. Olcay Saygin and the Zen Hair Clinic, we guarantee you best results in the most efficient way.

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