How long does it take for hair growth after a hair transplant surgery?

Few days after the hair transplant surgery, patients start to wonder.

When will our implanted hair start to grow? or how many months will be needed to see final results?

Many patients panic or feel scared when they do not see any hair growth in the first three weeks after their hair transplant surgery. Also, some may think they have been cheated by their doctor and the procedure was a complete failure. But in fact this is normal and occurs with all patients who get a hair transplant surgery done.

– During the first 3 months of the hair transplant process, 80% of the implanted hair will fall down, however the hair grafts are still fixed into the scalp. Those hair grafts are the ones that will produce a new hair growth on the head. The beginning of new hair growth starts after the third month.

The normal growth rates for an average person will be: 

1st – 3rd month= 0% of the final result.

3rd – 6th month = 35% of the final result.

6th – 9th month = 55% of the final result.

9th – 12th month = 70 % of the final result.

12th – 18th month = 100 % of the final result.

After One year and a half, the implanted hair will reach its final stage.

Note that these rates could also differ as not all the implanted hairs grow at the same pace depending on individuals and various factors such as: 

– The method used in the procedure and the place these follicles are planted:- for example hair follicles in the frontal head area grow faster than those in the crown area because this area includes a limited number of arteries and blood vessels that are responsible for nourishing the hair, therefore, blood circulation is low and the hair follicles does not receive enough nourishment and consequently its growth rates are slower than the remaining areas.

But as usual all patients differ from each other and so does the growth rates. They can be different in terms of:

– 1% of patients start growing hair immediately after the procedure.

– 5% of patients do not start growing hair until the 8th month after the procedure.

– 94% of patients start growing hair gradually after the 3rd month of the procedure. 

In conclusion patients should not hasten result, because true and final results will show up with time.

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