How to do the 1st to 8th hair washes after getting a hair transplant surgery

Exactly on the third day after your hair transplant surgery (surgery day should not be counted) , you must do the first wash for the transplanted area and donor area. The hair transplant must be done by specialists only and a doctor who has enough experience in this field. The first hair wash is very important when it comes to the installation of the newly transplanted follicles. The first hair wash is done using special after-care supplements such as lotion and shampoo. The necessary items required for the first wash is – (A small bowl and bucket and a spray bottle). I will explain how the first wash should be done step-by-step below:

1. Take the lotion given to you and shake it well before use. 

2. Spray it directly onto your hands and rub on the palms in a circular motion before applying to the head. 

3. Apply on your newly implanted area gently by tapping, not roughly rubbing or scratching. 

When only little amount of lotion is left on hand, apply to the donor area as well, and make a good massage even if it hurts, you have to do a really good massage to help recover the donor area faster. Do not massage on the implanted area (recipient area) at all, it should be only tapped 

4. After that, the lotion should be left for 45 minutes on the head in order to soften the area and remove dried blood particles. 

5. After the lotion has set in, you then use the bucket and bowl containing warm water to gently pour on the head and wash out all the lotion. 

6. After that, take the shampoo and spray it on your hand, then create a foamy paste on your palms before slowly applying on the implanted area again by tapping only.

Scratching or rubbing roughly on the implanted area is very risky for the newly implanted grafts and might cause damage and destruction to them

7. Again, Do a good massage for the donor area with the left-over shampoo on your palm. 

8. No need to wait you can wash off the shampoo immediately with the bowl containing warm water and then the spray bottle can be used to remove any leftover residue left on the head. 

9. You have to dry the implanted area with the hair dryer only. As for the donor area you can use hair dryer or towel could be used as well.


*This is the first wash in an order. The Same way will be continued for 8 days in a row.

*The 9th wash is done in a slightly different way; you can check out the blog written about the 9th wash and the steps to be followed.

*You must follow all instructions given by your doctor in order to ensure the success of your operation by 100%.

*In our clinic we recommend to do the first hair wash three days after the operation to give more time for the transplanted area to heal itself. Also, we recommend to do the first wash at the clinic by our specialists to give the patient an insight of how it is exactly done. In cases where the patient has to leave before doing the wash, we send links of our own videos and also detailed written instructions of how all the washes should be done in an order.

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