What might be the consequences of a wrong hairtransplant ?

Hair transplant is a process of transferring the good quality hair follicles to the bald area. Hair transplantation must be done by professional experts because the transplant made by doctors who got experience and talent does not cause an error. During the transplant process the necessary care and attention must be given. If the hair transplant doesn’t go well, then we end up getting unwanted results. In this case, the natural shape can’t be provided thus we can face problems. If the hair is not planted properly as planned, there may be disruptions between the roots, or the hair may come on top of each other causing a bad and bouncing appearance. It is a mistake to transplant the hair at wrong angles during hair transplantation, in this way the hair planted will grow in 90 degrees angle and the shape isn’t going to look natural. Hair transplant must be done with no mistakes, otherwise it will cause bad results.

Another important point is that we must take care when removing hair follicles. We should be careful when we extract the hair follicles and when we transplant them back. If the follicles undergo any damage along the process, then we can’t expect a good final result and that’s unwanted for everyone. The person who made a hair transplant might notice his original hair falling after a while. However, this is a very sad fact that no compensation is possible , If you ignore the risk of hair loss when your donor area capacity is limited, then there is no probability to fix it back. It is important to emphasize that when the transplant process is done correctly and well, it will produce a good shape that will make the patient happy.

When making hair transplantation, the choice of the expert must be done properly. The mistakes in the procedure are definitely worse than you can imagine as it is an operation that requires experience and professional skills. Because of the increased demand for hair transplantation, many establishments are trying to operate with cheap prices that do not conform to health and hygienic regulations. Unfortunately, these centers that were opened are only for commercial profit and results are mostly unsuccessful and unsatisfactory because the operation isn’t done by a doctor therefore you can’t find anybody to blame. Hair transplantation should be performed in hospitals and hygienically in operating room conditions otherwise the patient may get germs that can lead to various infections. Also, the hair follicles and scalp might be harmed or could lose all the implanted hair. In order to get a natural and correct appearance of hair, firstly good research must be done on the hospital and doctor. Previous operations done by the doctor should be considered as well.

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