Second Hair Transplant

Second Hair Transplant Caveats and Recommendations

Yes it is possible that the patient will need to do a second hair transplant, it’s not always because the first one was not successful, but there may be other reasons

Hair loss that continues and it can be because of hormonal imbalance, stress, certain medications…

However there are cases that the loss can be very slow, gradual or periodic.

There are cases where hair loss cannot be anticipated, so the goal for the doctor is to achieve the best results from the current situation while keeping the donor area healthy for further surgery.

The other cause that can push the patient to do a second hair transplant is a donor area  that is not rich enough to cover the entire bald area, so the doctor advises him to cover just a part and come back after for a second hair transplant


How long does the patient have to wait for a second hair transplant?


In the case of hair loss that continues, the patient must wait 4 to 10 years to avoid the maximum risk of needing a third after, in this case, it is better to wait the maximum and try to solve this problem of hair loss by  doing a blood test to find out if it is a health problem that is causing this loss, follow the necessary medications and try to have a balanced diet and avoid any source of stress.


In the other case of insufficiency of the donor area, the doctor advises to come back for the second hair transplant after 6 months up to a year.


Why waiting all this time?


– For the implanted area

the final result can take 6 to 8 months for the front and the middle area of ​​the head and one year for the crown area .

It is better to wait for the final result, it allows the doctor to see the hair regrowth and plan the entire look for a better distribution of the hair.

For the donor area

It is important to let the donor area rest and wait for its hair to grow back to see how many grafts can be extracted without damaging it.

For the hair loss

Its so important to solve this problem before, know the cause and wait till it stops to avoid any other surgeries , maybe after the donor area can not allow the patient to do a third hair transplant surgery

Does a second hair transplant damage the donor area?


It depends on how the grafts were extracted, that’s why you have to choose the surgeon carefully. If the hair extraction is done by an experienced doctor, the donor area will remain healthy in both operations.

Of course, the donor area will not have the density as before, but with a good doctor, it will stay healthy.

The doctor Olcay Saygin  prefer to use  the Micro FUE method with 0.44mm implanter at a speed of 10 rounds per second  to avoid  the scars  and for the better and the healthy extraction.

The way of the extraction should not be random , it needs an experienced and hight qualified doctor .


The donor area has a main role in the success of the hair transplant. The doctor must take care to take a limited number of grafts in order to keep this area healthy.

having a good health of the donor area after the operation is not only under the responsibility of the doctor but also of the patient, it is necessary to follow the instructions given by the doctor.


Does Donor Area Hair Grow Back?


unfortunately the donor area does not grow back, that’s why doing the operation with an experienced doctor is very necessary, because a high qualified doctor will not remove the grafts with a random way, the doctor removes the grafts with a special way so that after the surgery the donor area will not appear weird or with some empty spaces .


So, being able to do a second hair transplant returns to the state of the donor area after the first operation.


What is the lifespan of a hair transplant?


The lifespan of the grafts is identical to the hair in the donor area, the hair resumes its normal growth cycle.

after a hair transplant operation, the first month all the implanted grafts begin to fall, so that the new ones grow back from the 3rd month.

from the 3rd month the new hair will appear and the patient can be sure that this operation has succeeded or not, as long as the hair that has started to appear will not fall yet, if they fall after it is because of other criteria

But the hair that regrows just after the 3rd month means that the operation was successful

Regarding the donor area, as we said before, the extracted grafts do not grow back, so how can we know that the extraction step was well done?

Even if the extracted hair doesn’t t grow up, the hair that remains in the donor area must cover the extracted areas so that the donor area appears natural , that’s why this step is very important and not just anyone can do it.

Doctor Olcay Zenhair clinic , our team is well trained and experienced,  every part of the operation is important to us.

Every little detail is important, the doctor takes care of all the stages of the operation. To be able to watch over the whole surgery steps of her patients, the doctor prefers to do 2 surgeries a day so that she would be next to the patient throughout the operation with her team.

In brief , the patient may need a second surgery in two cases :the first is when the surgery wasn t successful , and this is due to choosing the wrong place and unknown doctor .In these cases come patients are able to do a second surgery and other their donor area is not good enough and damaged and unfortunately taking grafts one more time from it is impossible.
The second case is when the patient doesn’t t have enough grafts in his donor area to cover all the baldness , so he needs to do the second surgery after 6 to 12 months .

But the most important thing is the health of our patients , we don t start any surgery before we make sure that he has a good health that makes him able to do the surgery , and this control is done by our surgeon Doctor Olcay Saygin and our anesthesia doctor .

In Doctor Olcay Saygin ZenHair clinic , with 15 years of experience ,you are in a safe hands .

if you want guaranteed results and keep your donor area healthy

contact us for more information and a free analysis.

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