5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have a Hair Transplant

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have a Hair Transplant

To be able to do a hair transplant you must have several conditions, even if most people are able to do it, there are always cases where hair transplant is impossible for them.

Like any surgery , the patient must be in a good health condition , but there is some instructions that changes from surgery to an other .

1- The health problems

Health comes first, without good health the patient may not be able to do the hair transplant
So what are the diseases that can leave the patient unable to do the transplant?
In the clinic of Doctor Olcay Saygin Zenhair, the doctor has put an important list of questions that the assistants must ask to the patients who want to do the transplant, and especially on the diabetes, the problems of blood pressure and contagious diseases. For diabetes and blood pressure problems they do not always prevent the patient from having the operation, it depends on the type of diabetes, the medications the patient is taking and the level of blood pressure and whether he is under control.
If the patient has one of his diseases, the doctor immediately asks about the medicines they use and the type of treatment, with the help of the anesthesia doctor, the doctors make the decision whether the patient can do this operation or not.
With regard to contagious diseases, the patient cannot do the operation squarely.

heart problems can also prevent the patient from having the operation, the heart must not be weak, and if the patient has already had a heart operation, the anesthesia doctor checks his case immediately and asks what kind of drugs he is using as well as the type of operation he did with the date of the operation
All this is very important to check before the operation , and unfortunately the most patients who have heart disease, can’t do hair transplant. There is some cases that needs to go the their doctor and change some medicines with other type and wait a specific time so that e will be ready for the surgery .

Allergies can also prevent patients from doing the operation, but it’s really rare, the allergy of anesthesia and drugs necessary to do the operation is too rare but there is always a percentage, that’s why always in Olcay Saygin Zenhair clinic , we do all the necessary tests to avoid any risk .

2- Skin problems

There is some skin problems that needs to be treated before the surgery , like the dermatitis , the patient is obliged to do a treatment and finish it before doing the surgery , it may prevent him from doing the operation. when our doctor asks for pictures of patients to do a consultation, it’s not just to see how many grafts they need and make a plan of the operation, but also to see their skin, and if there is something that can make them results at risk. often the doctor prescribes ointments and medicines when the case is not too serious m but when she sees that the case needs a specialist, she asks the patient to go to a dermatologist and of course after he leaves, he must send us the medicines and creams he started using to take everything into consideration.

3 – Do not follow the doctors instructions

Just after a general consultation , and been sure that the patient is able to do the surgery , the doctor send a few instructions to follow
if he does not follow, it will prevent him from doing the operation, like not drinking alcohol 2 weeks before the operation
stop the aspirin before a precise duration of the operation , no smoking for at least 3 days before and many other important instructions to follow

4 – Poor donor area

To do a hair transplant, you must have enough density in the donor area that can cover at least part of the head
in these cases the doctor covers only one part and leaves the other part after 6 months up to a year of the operation
but unfortunately there are cases that the donor area is so weak that you can’t touch it, that the doctor can never extract grafts from it.


Alcoholics are people who can never do this kind of operation, unless they stop one day and wait months for the body to return to normal.
Why ?

First , alcoholics are too difficult to anesthetize
The consumption of alcohol complicates the correct dosage of anesthesia,
Secondly, there is a risk of heavy post-operative bleeding.
There is also a great possibility of side effects before and after the surgery , if the person is an alcoholic he will absolutely drink before and after the operation and that is still very dangerous for his health after the surgery and the results .
The chance that this surgery will be successful is very low , that’s why alcoholics are not allowed to do this kind of surgeries .

that’s why a good consultation with a good doctor is necessary to avoid any kind of risk
health comes first, the patient must also be sincere and answer all the doctor’s questions, and follow all the instructions from a to z so as not to have side effects and problems during the operation
A successful operation without problems or side effects is thanks to a good consultation with an experienced doctor and a very attentive and serious patient.

In Olcay Saygin Zenhair clinic , we follow up our patients before , during and after the surgery , for us the health is the most important thing . before that the patient starts the surgery , we do a lot of tests with the presence of the anesthesia doctor and the surgeon , there are the whole medicines that can the patients need if there is any complications , a modern machines and an experienced and highly qualified team .

in the clinic of doctor Olcay Saygin Zenhair, you are in safe hands with experienced teams and highly qualified doctors , that they will keep your health in good condition and give you the best results .
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