Failed Hair Transplant: Can You Avoid or Fix It?

Failed Hair Transplant: Can You Avoid or Fix It?

Even though there is a large percentage of hair transplant success, but there is still some hair transplant operation that may not be successful. The failure of the hair transplant is a loss of effort, money, and the donor area.
It is also the loss of confidence of the Doctor who promised that the operation will be good and successful, which allows him to lose confidence in all the other doctors and have difficulty trusting afterwards.
Why do people end up with a bad hair transplant result
First of all, the bad planning of the hair transplant operation .In general, to fix a health problem or any problem, you must already know the cause, so in the case of the hair transplant, a good doctor starts his plan by knowing the cause to avoid hair loss after the operation.
The causes can be stress, in this case the patient must solve his stress problem with medication to be able to do a hair transplant in the future, as it can be because of illnesses. So, we must first settle the cause of hair loss if it is mainly caused by these two.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of clinics that just want to have the maximum number of patients without doing a general analysis and a good planning before accepting the patient for hair transplantation.
Among the causes also that can cause an unsuccessful hair transplant, is surgical error.
Surgical errors during the hair transplant operation can cause several side effects that will influence the outcome of this surgery. The hair transplant operation is a very difficult and meticulous operation, an operation that lasts between 5 and 8 hours cannot be an easy operation of course. If this operation is done by inexperienced people, it can cause several problems.
Among the problem is the fact of killing the graft before implanting it, the grafts must be extracted in a professional and delicate way, if a non-professional who does this step, he can kill the graft and the implanted dead, which causes the non-regrowth of the hair and therefore, result with no success
There is also the fact of extracting the grafts, and keeping them in suitable conditions to keep them in good health before the implants. A good doctor who has a professional team takes good care of the grafts, putting them in a special product to keep them healthy and cleaning them well, and counting gently and delicately.
Among the medical errors that can cause the failure of the hair transplant operation is the opening of the canals which is not done by professionals and also the implantation, if the doctor takes good care of the grafts after extracting and keeping it in good conditions, he is obliged to keep it healthy by implanting it, implanting the grafts is a very important and definitive step.
If all these errors that can happen have not happened, and the transplant remains in good health during this whole process, hair regrowth and the result can be successful, but on conditions: – A good follow-up by the doctor, instructions to follow after the operation, a good method of hair washing, and the right drugs
– Attention and good follow-up of the instructions given by the doctor. There remains the role of the patient, the patient also has a very important role in having a successful hair transplant operation, he is obliged to follow all the instructions given by his Doctor and his medical assistant.

Can an unsuccessful hair transplant be fixed?

If you have had an unsuccessful hair transplant operation, there are two options:
– The first is you can do a second to correct the errors and fill in the areas that they have left empty. It depends on your area of ​​baldness, but you must be sure that the number of grafts extracted in the first operation, cannot be extracted in the second, it is always less grafts in order not to damage the donor area or because your donor area is no longer capable of giving a high number of grafts.
It all depends on the condition of the donor area after the operation.
– The second is unfortunately, you cannot do another hair transplant because of your donor area, if the first hair transplant operation was done by inexperienced people, it may cause damage to the donor area, and therefore unfortunately, the patient is no longer able to correct the unsuccessful hair transplant.
In the case of the lucky patients who can correct their hair transplant results, they should look for a clinic with a well-experienced team, because a second unsuccessful hair transplant can damage their skin and their donor areas as well as their existing hair.
How to Avoid an Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Result
– you have to choose and select a good clinic with an experienced doctor
– Do not follow and choose the cheapest prices
– Not always trusting social media
– You must follow the instructions before the hair transplant operation and after
– It is necessary to have a general idea on the duration of healing
In Doctor Olcay Saygin Zen Hair clinic ,With an experience of more than 15 years, and with the help of a well-experienced team, Doctor Olcay Saygin makes an analysis before the operation to have the best planning for each case.
The best and successful planning is the key to the success of the operation.
The analysis of health and the state of baldness allows the doctor to make the best planning for the patient.
We receive a lot of patients for their first and second and even third hair transplant operation, and thanks to our doctor’s good analysis, our results are very successful in addition to our lifetime guarantee certificate that we give to our patient just after their operation.
Doctor Olcay Saygin takes all the details into consideration,
-Health: by carrying out numerous analyzes before the operation
– The health of the donor area: the important thing is not just a good result in the implanted area, but it is also important to keep the donor area in good condition without damaging it
– The best follow-up after the operation until the final result: the follow-up after the operation is very important to guarantee the success of the result, a medical assistant plays the role of intermediary between the doctor and the patient, by asking the patient for photos each period for doctor’s consultation and for such advice .

You can contact us for a free analysis and for more details.

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