Hair crown beauty for men and women alike. It is one of the most important signs of youth and vitality, and this attracts hair care products and hairdresser’s attention and spread quickly and easily. That is why the appearance of our hair reflects our confidence in ourselves.

There is no doubt that hair loss and baldness can lose confidence in our appearance, and may even evolve to affect this problem on our personal and professional lives. There are many solutions that can be used to treat this problem. The most important solutions are natural hair transplantation or hair follicle transfer techniques.

What are the different hair removal techniques? What are the differences between them? What distinguishes hair transplant technology from others? Can baldness be treated regardless of the causes of hair loss? Can this method be used to increase hair density? When will the results appear? Will these results last or will I have to repeat the process? How can I keep the results of the process as long as possible? What is its cost? Where can I do it to achieve the best results? All this and more we know in this article.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of treating baldness or hair loss by compensating lost hair follicles. The cultivation of different hair follicles involves the transfer of hair follicles from places that contain hair density (such as the back of the head) to places where hair falls, so that these follicles can grow and acquire hair properties in the area to which they are transferred.

Natural hair transplant techniques differ in the way the bulbs are collected and in the technique of growing them. The most famous techniques in this field are Follicle Unit Extraction, known as FUE.

What are the types of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantations are classified according to the type of hair grown and the manner of cultivation as follows:

Natural hair transplantation

Industrial hair transplantation with Biofiber technology

The method of natural hair transplantation is divided into:

Natural hair transplantation by way of follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Hair transplantation technique FUE

Hair transplantation technology Nano FUE

Cultivation of Percutan Hair

Hair transplantation according to the technique of MEGA Science

The cost of hair transplantation in a way to extract FUE?

The cost of the hair transplantation technique depends on a large number of factors, the most important of which is the condition of the hair, and the type of technique used, either the technique of sniping or the technique of Birkutan. In general, the difference in prices does not stop at the limit but the technique of snatching is among the techniques of hair transfer medium price is relatively cheaper

The best place to grow FUE hair

Do you think about going to Turkey to do hair removal? It is an ideal place for hair treatments and a wonderful holiday. The Zen Hair Center is one of the most important and successful hair transplant centers in Turkey, and our center offers you various options to arrange your stay and to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

There are also hair transplants in Egypt, and some Arab countries Kalamarat for example, but still remain the centers are new and the results are unknown and the reason that the operators in these countries are new in the field of hair transplant and inexperienced.

If you are looking for new and advanced technologies, you should go to Switzerland, Germany or America. However, the very high cost is the most important reason for many people to go to these countries except the difficulty to reach those countries, especially for some Arab nationalities. The majority of Europeans are choosing Turkey to perform hair transplantation because Turkey has advantages that Europe lacks.

The technology of natural hair removal by taking out the easy techniques in the world of cosmetic surgery and the priority of the place of the process is determined based on the results you aspire to get on this basis you should think carefully about the center and the doctor will be conducted for you and the extent of experience before you take

Candidate for hair transplantation technology

The potential candidate for the hair transplantation process should have the following characteristics:

An adult who enjoys good health and physical condition.

Do not suffer from diseases causing hair loss or from any active infection in the scalp.


Does not take chemical treatments cause hair loss.

Follow a healthy and healthy lifestyle.

This is because your hair falls back again as long as you have not changed your lifestyle and have not committed to eating a healthy healthy diet. Drinking enough water and exercising regularly.

Recovery from hair transplantation

The length of hair follicles is shortened to 1 or 2 mm before implantation. After planting, the bulbs are placed in a dormant period of one to three months. After this period, the follicles begin to grow naturally, mimicking the shape of the hair around it. Final results take up to 8 months to show final results.

These results are usually permanent and do not need to be replanted as often as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not experience hair loss as well as your choice of a trusted center for the procedure.

Hair transplantation is characterized by no scars on the scalp and does not require dressings. This means that you will not take a recovery period after you perform the operation.

This process does not involve any stitching or surgical stitches, which makes it a simple process without pain and you can return to normal life once the surgery is done. This does not negate the fact that you will need to avoid cutting or tightening the hair in the first period after the operation, but it will be an easy recovery compared to hair transplant or hair transfer.

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